Featured Truck Bed Covers

Soft Vinyl Tonneau Covers
The most popular kind of tonneau covers for pickup trucks, these soft vinyl bed covers are inexpensive and versatile. Available in many different styles like snap, seal and peel, roll up and tri-fold by manufacturers like Lund, Truxedo, Extang and Advantage.

Vinyl Tonneau Covers Starting at $179.99!

Tri-Fold Folding Tonneau Covers
Folding Tonneau Covers (also called tri-fold tonneau covers) provide you 100% access to your truck bed in seconds. They are installed on a rail system that attaches to your truck in under two minutes in most cases. We have both hard and soft folding tonneau styles for you to choose from, starting at prices that won't beat your wallet.

Folding Tonneau Covers Starting at $234.99!

Roll Up Tonneau Covers
Roll up covers get out of the way in seconds and give you 100% access to your truck bed and cargo. They neatly roll up to expose the bed for hauling items taller than the bed rail.

Roll-Up Covers Starting at $299.00!

Hinged Tonneau Covers
The Hinged tonneau cover acts like a lid for your truck's bed. Lightweight, and set on gas shocks for easy lifting, most are also equipped with (or can have added to) locking mechanisms, increasing the safety of your cargo. Worried about large loads? Don't be. These hinged Truck Bed Lids can be removed completely to accommodate anything you could think of putting in the bed of your truck.

Lift Up Tonneau Covers Starting at $369.99!

Hard Tonneau Covers
A Hard tonneau top gives your truck bed the best in security and looks. Most are equipped with heavy-duty locks and durable shocks, keeping your cargo safe but easy to get to. Our hard tonno covers boast light-weight materials like ABS plastic, and thermoplastic which is one of the fastest growing materials to date.

Hard Tonneau Covers Starting at $529.99!

Retractable Tonneau Covers
These showcase the ultimate combination of hard tonneau security and soft tonneau convenience. In seconds, retractable cover rolls away for full bed access. These high-tech retractable Truck Bed Covers do the job right.

Retractable Tonneaus Starting at $1098.96!

Your Source For Tonneau Covers

TonneauCovers4Less.com is the home for discount tonneau covers. These aren't cheap tonneau covers, they are GREAT Truck Bed covers at a cheap price.

You haul anything from hardware and tools to your weekly groceries in the bed of your pickup truck. A tonneau cover will keep all of it under cover, protecting your cargo from not only the elements and bad weather, but also from would-be-thieves. Adding a tonno cover to your truck bedTonno Cover, Truck Bed Cover, Bed Lid - Poplular names for this accessory is the easiest way to make sure nothing disappears from your bed while you're driving or parked. Also, adding a cover to your truck actually can save you money on gas! That's right, a bed cover provides better aerodynamics, therefore increasing your gas mileage. With the price of fuel today, you may just as well do what you can to save yourself some money in the long run.

At TonneauCovers4Less you will find truck covers for sale with a great selection, low prices and top quality customer service. Not sure what style tonneau cover would work for you, be sure to check out our Tonneau Research Guide that will help offer a little direction. If you have a truck, adding a tonneau cover to your bed is an absolute must. Not only is a tonneau cover useful in almost every situation, they provide many essential benefits, including:

  • Keeps a "lid" on loose items in your truck bed
  • Provides protection from rain, snow and extreme sun
  • Complete coverage that keeps your cargo out of sight from thieves
  • Adds aerodynamics to better improve gas mileage
  • Improves the overall look of your vehicle

Here are some of the basic questions to consider if you're unsure about what style cover you'd like or what will best serve your needs.

- Am I looking for something Soft and Vinyl or a Hard Cover Style?

- What is my ideal price range for truck bed protection?

- Am I looking for a cover that snaps to a rail system? Folds out of the way quickly? Rolls-up? Lifts-up on a Hinge?

- Is having a Colored Tonneau Cover that matches my truck important? Or even something that contrasts with your vehicle.

Tonneau coversWith over 10 manufacturers of popular tonneau covers - each typically offering 2-8 styles of cover, you can see we carry a huge selection. We will do our best to make sure we can meet all of the criteria you have at the best price available. We are sure there is the perfect Cover out there for everyone - it's just a matter of having the priorities in order and then selecting the style. If you're still unsure what style most suites you or what brand you want to purchase, you can call one of our American based customer service representatives at 269-556-2000 for assistance.

Many people question where the name of the tonneau cover comes from. The word tonneau is acutally the name used for the rear of a car from the 1880s. This area turned into the rear hauling area of early cars and subsequently trucks, hence the cover for the tonneau of the car/truck.